Save the Music

by Robo-Robb and Moonchild

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Robo-Robb was created to Save the Music. One day Moonchild comes along and finds the young robot and puts him on a quest to save the music and ultimately save the world. During Robo-Robb's tutelage under Moonchild he is laser beamed down by a mysterious enemy. Under the assumption no robot could withstand such an attack Moonchild returns to the moon. Shortly after leaving Robo-Robb comes back into health and takes the nearest star ship to meet his friend and teacher. The whole moon is in anticipation and is ready for the arrival of their general in the battle against the audiological villains. This chapter ends when the troops have been trained and are ready for the greatest battle in the universe.


released August 15, 2008

Moonchild, Robo-Robb, Tony Rizzo, T. McGee, Electric Otto, DJ Bullfrog, DJ Def Touch, Shava Jay, Emily Rose, Pato, Tunde Olaniran, Black Roq, C. Reid, and D. Allie



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Robo-Robb Auburn Hills, Michigan

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Track Name: Robo-Robb and Moonchild - Intro
"Put your work in be honest. It will come back I swear it. You can take my club soda but can't have my spirit. I keep pushin' till you had enough of me and stay my edge like the finest cutlery..."
Track Name: Factory 2
"Sparks fly, dust falls, mortals wear masks and tuck away my wires with the tags attached. I'll be a pretty shiney thing fresh out the box but I won't pour your milk or plate you hydrox..."
Track Name: Obstacles featuring Shava Jay
"Things could be better could be a lot worse instead of speed and strength I have a hot verse..."
Track Name: Every Time I See Her featuring Emily Rose
"It's autumn my favorite season again your looking real fly like the trees in the wind..."
Track Name: Donkey featuring T. McGee
"We love you Robo!"
Track Name: Save the Music
"Soulbot not robot, Lynn Bird not egrit..."
Track Name: Smilin' Faces featuring Tunde Olaniran
"Young lady everybody smiling. They wanna see you lay not play the violin. Playing on dreams of a wanna be actress. They give you the keys and then the address. All the men in your phone are wanna be playaz. All your girlfriends wanna be haters. So you don't have no friends cause you don't wanna be jealous. "I got hundred styles". Is what the wanna be's tell us. Going many places on and under covers. Promised auditions for shows on the Warner Brothers. You don't have your own. Let alone the backs of others and your caught in a game made by the parker brothers. You put trust in shiny people who big up you. You didn't know "oh brother" they only wanna fuck you. If you only truly knew. What they really up to. You'd have a million options. Instead of just a couple."

[this verse is from the original recording of Smilin' Faces with Tunde Olaniran of the "Street EP" of Save the Music released January of 2007]
Track Name: Death of Robo
"I have no guilt for this track I kill't. With this lyrical inhaler you have asthma still?"
Track Name: Blast Off
"... I'm sailing by MIR, floating through the exosphere..."
Track Name: War
"I been crackin' them all night. What you don't think I'm funny? I got this hypertension I don't think I'm salty..."
Track Name: Love Song featuring Shava Jay
"who'd I take this day for? Thats right forget it. We're getting graphic on this track without a radio edit.."
Track Name: Ms. Jones featuring T. McGee
"hell yeah I'd let her. have her in my home. sit and listen to her opinion on."
Track Name: Searching featuring D. Allie, C. Reid and T. McGee
"Coffee house pimping vocal syncing duplicate your demos for a dozen lincoln's"
Track Name: Footwork
"...ask DJ Assault he can give you the scoop"
Track Name: In My Life featuring Pato
"... I got bills. I'm in no hurry."
Track Name: Save the World